Dexin Anti-Bacterial Surface Disinfectant


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    Dexin Anti-Bacterial Surface Disinfectant

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Dexin Anti-Bacterial Surface Disinfectant

kills 99.99% all bacteria and germs effectively DEXIN anti-bacterial surface disinfectant.. kills 99.99% of germs 🦠 & keep all surfaces around you clean .. with 4 fragrances your place will always smell fresh 🌺
Storageup to 3 years away from sun
Net Weight:750 ml
Certification:ISO 2008 : 9001
Capacity:2 Million pieces/per day
Origin:Manama, Bahrain
Shipping:Local areas in Bahrain

DEXIN anti-bacterial disinfectant is used for killing germs and bacteria from all soft and hard surfaces. It is special non-staining formula keeps the surface protected from harmful and illness causing germs.

Ingredients :

Benzalkonium chloride 0.0745 %, Pine oil, isopropyl alcohol, castor oil, colorant, deionized water.

How & Where to use :

  • Hard Surfaces :

Spray directly on the surface to be disinfected and wipe off with a clean cloth, no rinsing required.

  • Kitchen :

Spray directly on the tabletops, sink, and other similar hard surfaces that need to be disinfected and protected from germs and bacterial. Wipe off with a clean cloth, no rinsing required. Note: keep away from food and flams.

  • Lavatories, sinks, drains & toilets :

Use undiluted by directly spraying on the surface that needs to be disinfected, allow 3 to 5 minutes before wiping off with a clean cloth.

Precautions :

For external use only , Keep away from children, in case of ingestion or eyes thoroughly for at least 15 minutes for skin contact clean with soap and water, in case of any skin irritation seek medical advice. Keep away from flammable items and do not mix with any other chemicals or cleaning products. Keep away from food, Store below 30°C.

معقم الأسطح الأقوي من ديكسن .. يقضي علي البكتريا و الجراثيم بفعاليه تصل الي ٩٩.٩٩٪؜ ..بتركيبة فعاله و مطورة تجعل المكان من حولك نظيف و معقم

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