Dexin Tile & Surface Cleaner 4 Litters


  • Dexin tile cleaner 4 L

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Dexin Tile & Surface Cleaner 4 L

Removing Cement, Gypsum, Rust & Dirt etc. It is specialist in cleaning all types of floors, roofs, swimming pools, bathrooms, kitchens, fountains, falls and all types of ceramic & tiles . 
Ingredients: Aecidium salts, Sodium Metabisulphite, Sodium persulphate, water, fragrance & other surfactants.
Storageup to 3 years away from sun
Net Weight:4 Liter
Certification:ISO 2008 : 9001
Capacity:700.000 pieces/per day
Origin:Manama, Bahrain
Shipping:Local areas in Bahrain

Please follow this instructions, before use :

  1. Apply water on the surface to be cleaned.
  2. Take a PLASTIC BUCKET and mi x DEXIN In cl-n water with a ratio of one part or DEXIN (by volume) to 1 or 2 or 3 parts of water. Mixing ratio depends on the strength of cement and dirt to be removed.
  3. Use mixed solution of DEXIN and water few times, using a medium -hard brush to get better result. 
  4. Finally wash the surface well with clean water.

Important :

  1. Make a trial test before using DEXIN on anything.
  2. DEXIN not to be used on marbles.
  3. After cleaning iron surfaces, it is necessary to rinse the iron well with clean water, let it dry and finally spray diesel to protect from rust.
  4. Keep DEXIN away from grass, trees, plants etc.
  5. Do not use on chrome taps and similar fittings.
  6. After the customer has received this material, no responsibility or warranty stands with us including leakage or damage etc.

Safety :

Like most of other cleaning materials, DEXIN may cause irritation, always use rubber gloves and keep proper ventilation while using DEXIN. Keep out of the reach of children.

Do not mix DEXIN with anything except water.

How to Use Dexin Tile Cleaner ! Follow this simple Steps :

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